The seven countries of the Mediterranean cork forest region, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Algerial, all have very specific governance policies that not only protect the forests but the inhabitants as well. With one of the highest levels of forest biodiversity on our planet, the cork forests represent a model for forest-depentand people. The forest workers who harvest the cork bark are some of the highest paid agricultural workers in the EU. 90% of the cork forests in the the EU are owned by family farmers.  These 2.6 million hectares are the last firewall in the battle against desertification in this region. 

But theses forests are not free from environmental, social and economic attack. The United Nations has designated the cork forests of the Mediterranean region as one of the top 25 "Hot Spots" of biodiversity, yet little effort or funding is being provided to ensure their continued livelihood. We encourage the the UN to refocus it's attention to the cork forests and it's people. 


Patrick Spencer
Executive Director
Cork Forest Conservation Alliance