G77 & China - Rome Chapter

Ambassador Andayani attended the 50th G77 & China Chapters Meeting on behalf of Rome Chapter

Rome Italy 11/12/2020

On 11 December 2020, the Chair of the G77 & China - Rome Chapter, Ambassador Esti Andayani participated in the 50th G77 & China Chapters Meeting. The meeting focused on how to improve the methods of work and modalities of the Group and its Chapters as well as the update and follow-up action on the upcoming process in 2021.

On the methods of work, Ambassador Andayani suggested a capacity building between the New York and Rome Chapter, since Rome Chapter's permanent Secretariat will only be established, hopefully, starting next year. To increase the visibility of the Group, Ambassador Andayani also suggested for the Group to create a social media account.

For the upcoming work in 2021, Ambassador Andayani presented the focus on the process towards the Food Systems Summit. She highlighted the importance of coordinating the Group's position, especially between Rome and New York Chapters, despite substantially differing views between members.

This 50th Meeting is part of the Chapters' regular annual interactions at the end of the year to evaluate the current work as well as plan the program of all Chapters for the upcoming year. 


By Ms Run LIN ([email protected])