Informations géospatiales à l’appui de systèmes alimentaires durables

The National Consultative Workshop on implementation of the Soil Land and Water Information System (SoLaWISe) in Tunisia

The National Consultative Workshop on the outcomes of the Soil Land and Water Information System (SoLaWISe) initiative was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Tunis from April 22nd to 26th, 2024. A total of 40 individuals attended the workshop, including representatives from various directorates, partner institutions of the WaPOR project, universities and research institutions, Development institutions CRDA Jendouba, Jendouba CTVs, national partners (BPEH, ONAGRI, AVFA, INM, DGF, DGACTA, OMI, DGGRE, DGEDA, INGC, DGFIOP, DGPA), and the WaPOR technical working group. 


Tunisia was selected as a pilot country for the SoLaWISe initiative, which aims to enhance crop yields sustainably while minimizing the impact on soil, land, and water resources amidst the challenges of climate change. The National Consultative Workshop aimed to discuss the final results of the SoLaWISE initiative and its alignment with the WaPOR 2 project. Specifically, suitability maps were generated for four priority crops (wheat, barley, olives, and dates) to assess potential production and yield gaps, also considering future climate scenarios. 


Alongside transfer knowledge and experience two days of workshop on crop mapping approaches and relative data requirements were dedicated to training specialized teams and strengthening national technical capacities, on geospatial tools, land cover and crop type mapping.