Informations géospatiales à l’appui de systèmes alimentaires durables


On trouvera ici des exemples de projets clos ou en cours sur le suivi agricole et l’évaluation de la couverture des sols qui ont été menés par la FAO au moyen de méthodes et d’outils géospatiaux.

01 March 2003

The objectives of this TCP project were to develop a regional map, digital database and socio-economic statistics based on existing land cover information to faci-litate regional cooperation for food security and sustainable and envi-ronmentally sound agriculture in South-East...

01 February 1995

The Africover project was established in response to national requests for assi-stance in the development of reliable and georeferenced information on natu-ral resources. These data were needed for: early warning, food security, agri-culture, disaster prevention and mana-gement, forest...

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