Геопространственная информация в поддержку устойчивых продовольственных систем


В настоящем разделе приведен перечень:

  • порталов и публикаций по геоданным, через которые распространяется информация о результатах реализации проектов ФАО;
  • используемых ФАО геопространственных инструментов и методик и соответствующих курсов электронного обучения.

FAO GeoNetwork

GeoNetwork is a free and open-source web-catalogue application to manage spatially referenced resources.
GeoNetwork is designed to harmonize and improve access to FAO's spatial databases to support decision makers and to promote multidisciplinary approaches to sustainable development.



Global Agro-Ecological Zones (GAEZ) Data v.4 is the forth global assessment of land suitability, potential attainable yields and potential production of crops for specified management assumptions and input levels, both for rain-fed and irrigated conditions.
It provides users with thousands of global datasets and tabular outputs that are aggregated for current major land use/cover patterns and by administrative units, and land protection status for baseline periods and future projected scenarios.


Information Portals

FAO develops web-based integrated portals for data dissemination.
An example is the Crop Information Portal of Pakistan, as part of the Pakistan Agriculture Information System. Core application is the data analysis and dissemination tool for statistics on crop production and conditions, agrometeorology, water resources, fertilizers use and market prices aggregated at district/province scale, integrated with satellite based information into a GIS environment.