Региональные обзоры

СНГ (Азия и Европа)
  В странах-экспортерах региона экспортные цены на мукомольную пшеницу в октябре продолжили расти, отражая экспортные котировки из других стран, достигнув уровней более чем на 20 процентов выше, чем годом ранее, и максимальных с середины 2013 года. Повышение мировых цен было вызвано [...]
Восточная Африка
Prices of coarse grains followed mixed trends in October and were higher than a year earlier in most countries, with exceptionally high levels recorded again in SouthSudan and in theSudan. In both countries, prices are underpinned by insufficient supplies and [...]
Западная Африка
Prices of domestically produced coarse grains declined in October for the second consecutive month following seasonal trends in most Sahelian and coastal countries of the Gulf of Guinea. However, strong domestic and export demand continued to add pressure on prices, [...]
Южная Африка
Prices of the maize, the main food staple, remained mostly stable in September and October 2021, reflecting ample supplies throughout the region and were generally at lower levels year on year. Prices of wheat, which is mostly imported, strengthened in [...]
Восток Азия
Domestic prices of rice were steady or increased in October and were above their year-earlier levels in most countries of the subregion. In Viet Nam, domestic rice prices continued to increase in October, supported by seasonal tightness and increased marketing activities. [...]
Центральная Америкаи Карибы
In most countries of the subregion, prices of white maize declined seasonally in October but remained well above their year-earlier levels reflecting the elevated costs of agricultural inputs, including fuel. In Guatemala, prices decreased sharply in October for the second [...]
Южная Америка
Prices of wheat increased seasonally in producing countries in October, while a strengthening of international quotations exerted upward pressure on prices in importing countries. Prices were higher year on year across the subregion. In Argentina, the major wheat producer of [...]