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UN Water Conference: Make Water Pivotal in Food Systems

A side event titled "Make Water Pivotal in Food Systems" will take place on March 4th as part of the UN 2023 Water Conference and its Water Action Agenda. The event will focus on the issue of soil salinization, which is a major challenge for food production worldwide and is affecting an increasing number of regions around the world.

By creating a suitable platform and momentum, the event aims to raise awareness about soil salinization and launch a "Global Campaign on Soil Salinization" that will be submitted as a commitment to the Water Action Agenda. The main goal of the event is to increase awareness about salinization and propose together a joint agenda offering sustainable solutions to policy makers, farmers and practitioners in the global water and food sectors.

Read more on the UN  2023 Water Conference website.

Agenda soon available

24 Mar 2023
- 24 Mar 2023
New York, USA