Global Soil Partnership

NENA Soil Partnership consultation workshop

Thirty-six participants from 20 countries, regional and international institutes participated in the “NENA Soil Partnership Conference: towards a regional implementation plan on sustainable management of soil resources”, 1˗3 June 2015, Amman, Jordan. The conference was launched by a high-level segment to deliver messages by policy makers, International and Regional Institutions and Keynote Speakers devoted to the International Year of Soils. A high-level panel discussion addressed emerging issues related to soil and climate change in the region and provided a perspective for future work orientations.

The participants developed priorities and discussed the regional implementation plan (RIP), which will be finalized considering the specific challenges, gaps and opportunities in the NENA region. The main outcomes/activities for the five pillars were suggested by the working groups. The participants worked together to agree on a NENA communique’ to express their commitment to the NENA soil partnership and the GSP. The participants agreed to consolidate the NENA Soil Partnership by establishing the Secretariat hosted by Jordan until the next meeting and a Steering Committee that will be formed in consultation with the focal points. Working groups for the five GSP Pillars of Action with the composition of individual members representing countries/institutions were established. Recommendations were developed for a NENA Regional GEF proposal on soil and climate change, as a starting point for mobilizing resources to the partnership.

Two approaches were discussed to put soil at high level in the region: to launch a soil initiative by the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), followed the Council of Arab Ministers (in Agriculture) approval and eventually by the League of Arab States (LAS). Another parallel approach is to suggest soil as a discussion topic during the regional FAO conference and to seek endorsement by the NENA Ministers of Agriculture.

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01 Jun 2015
- 03 Jun 2015
Amman, Jordan