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Farmers and academics explain how to protect soil biodiversity to children in the framework of FAO - IUSS book contest on soil biodiversity

In the framework of World Soil Day 2020, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), and the Global Soil Partnership (GSP). Have the pleasure to announce the winners of the scientific children's book contest on Soil Biodiversity with the motto "Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity".

Read the Magical World of Soil Biodiversity


The competition aimed to provide an opportunity for participants to:

  1. promote scientific knowledge; 
  2. raise awareness of the threats posed by soil biodiversity loss; and 
  3. stimulate educational activities, engagement of kids and schools in soil science.

We received over 100 books from 60 countries for the contest. The winners are:

The first prize "The science & spectacle of Soil Life by Roly Poly". by JiaJia Hamner (freelance, United States) and Sharada Keats (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, United Kingdom);

The second prize is "Soil biodiversity. What's most important?" by Katelyn Lutes and Benjamin Ellert (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada) 

and the third prize goes to "The home of life. I am a living soil" by Claudio Lucas Capeche, Julia Franco Stuchi, Milena Pessoa Pagliacci, Fabrício de Martino, Alexandre Abrantes Cotta de Mello, Antonio Augusto Bianchi, Maya Stuchi Tedjini, Kelita Carlos Andrade (Embrapa Solos, Brazil) 

Well-wishings to the winners and finalists and a heartfelt thank you to all participants!

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Read the Magical World of Soil Biodiversity