Global Soil Partnership

Enhancing soil governance: regional and national examples of soil legislation development



The objective of this webinar, framed in the series of seminars on soil governance carried out by the GSP since 2021, is to analyze in detail different legislative strategies for sustainable soil management and, taking as an example the development of the novel Chinese legislation on Black Soil protection, to discuss the importance of a multidisciplinary legislative development based on the best scientific evidence and knowledge. 


Given the current global food crisis and taking into account the important role of black soils in feeding the world, this seminar is very timely. It will connect the latest developments in black soil knowledge and mapping, including the Global black soil distribution map launched by the GSP in July 2022 and the Global black soil report launched in December 2022, with the virtuous example of black soil law of China. Other regional and national examples of soil legislation development will also be presented to highlight the process of shaping soil protection legislation and thus inspire those with regulatory power to take such measures. Advancing soil protection in national programmes and building national capacity for law-making and enforcement are key to ensuring sustainable use and management of soil and ultimately achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


13:00-13:10 | OPENING REMARKS 

Mr Lifeng Li, Director of Land and Water Division, FAO

Ms Lilian Busse, Vice President of the German Environment Agency (UBA)

13:10–13:25 | The Black Soil Protection Law of the People's Republic of China: the importance of the legislation, the process, and the approach

Prof WANG Jian, China Agriculture University

13:25–13:40 | Proposal for a global agreement on black soils protection for global food security

Prof Ivan Vasenev, chair of the International Network on Black Soils (INBS)

13:40–13:55 | Designing a Model law for Africa: regional and national considerations

Dr Harald Ginzky, German Environment Agency

13:55–14:10 | Soil governance and sustainable agriculture in Mexico

Dr Sol Ortiz, Director General of Prospective Policies and Climate Change, Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) (tbc)

Dr Blanca Prado,National Autonomous University of Mexico, University Programme for Interdisciplinary Soil Studies (PUEIS-UNAM) (tbc)

14:10–14:30 | Panel discussion: from global to national approaches, what are the successful mechanisms for improving soil governance?

14:30–14:50 | Open discussion with audience

14:50–15:00 | CONCLUSION

Mr Ronald Vargas, FAO GSP

Moderator: Ms Natalia Rodríguez Eugenio, FAO GSP