Глобальное почвенное партнерство

A unique 5 December

Today is a historic day for the soil science community as FAO joined the International Union of Soil Sciences in the Celebration of the World Soil Day by organizing, as part of the 145 session of the FAO Council, a side event at its Headquarters in Rome entitled “Securing healthy soils for a food secure world: a day dedicated to soils”.

Simultaneously, the FAO Council endorsed the request of declaring 5December as a UN World Soil Day. The resolution will next be discussed in the FAO Conference, before being submitted to the UN General Assembly in September 2013.


Furthermore, after one year of interactive and inclusive work, the 193 member countries of FAO during the 146th FAO Council adopted the Terms of Reference of the Global Soil Partnership and urged FAO to move ahead with its implementation.

Also, on the occasion of the side event, the first GSP report was launched. The report, The State of the Art Report on Global and Regional Soil Information: Where are we? Where to go?, presents the status of global and regional soil information, analyzes user needs, highlights the ongoing global and regional soil information initiatives, and provide recommendations for future joint initiatives. Finally, a soil video “Soils: a hidden resource” and an animation for the World Soil Day, available in English, French and Spanish, were launched:

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Statement by the Director-General of FAO
Statement by H.E. Mario Arvelo Permanent Representative of Dominican Republic to FAO (Spanish)
[The other statements and presentations will be soon available]