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A farmer-to-farmer training platform 

The Global Soil Doctors Programme is a farmer-to-farmer training initiative that aims to build the capacity of farmers on sustainable soil management while supporting national governments and stakeholders in addressing the needs of their rural communities. This online platform provides support for farmers, policy makers, development planners, agricultural extension workers, NGOs, private sectors and any other practitioner/stakeholder interested in transmitting the importance of soil as a vital resource.

Check out this poster or read the Terms of Reference for more information about the implementation process. For any inquiries, please get in touch with [email protected] 


The implementation of the Programme at the country level relies on the collaboration with a national promoting institution, called the 'Promoter', that ensures the implementation, scaling-up and sustainability of the programme in the long-term.

Besides the Promoters, anyone can join the Global Soil Doctors Programme using the online educational material and guidelines to train farmers.

Global Soil Doctors Programme - What is it?

Saving soils and empowering farmers through the Global Soil Doctors Programme

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Latest stories

Hands that heal our soils

Soils are where our food begins. Without healthy soils, growing nutritious food would be next to impossible. Problems like soil erosion can cause up to 50 percent in crop yield losses, impacting farmers’ livelihoods, our environment, agriculture and food. Soil health affects us all.

Celebrating the first 20 soil doctors’ trainers in Burkina Faso

The first phase of the Global Soil Doctors programme has successfully been implemented in Burkina Faso. This was made possible thanks to the close collaboration and pivotal role of the national promoter, BUNASOLS.

Positioning the Soil Doctors Programme as a mechanism that matters

As the Soil Doctors Programme enters its second year, it has successfully scaled-up farmer-to-farmer training initiatives in Bangladesh, Malawi and Mexico. The Programme continues to strike up robust partnerships for the benefit of smallholders, empowering them to scale-up cost-effective and SSM practices.