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FAO Webinar Series: Earth observation data for agricultural statistics

Virtual Event, 08/03/2023 - 10/05/2023


The EOSTAT webinar series also discussed the main innovations introduced in the field of EO based crop statistics implemented by FAO through R&D and testing in countries in collaboration with the academia. 

These include:

1)    Standardization of EO methods to produce annual land cover/use maps

2)    Crop type mapping in the context of in-situ data scarcity

3)    Coupling of EO data with physical based crop yield modelling

Moreover, the series shed light on how the innovations brought by the EOSTAT offer a solution to overcome the challenges connected with the collection and predication of crop statistics (acreage and yield) using both traditional field survey-based methods and the EO based methods.

Finally, the webinar series provided a platform to enhance collaboration and potentially mobilize resources.

The FAO Webinar Series "Earth observation data for agricultural statistics" consisted of six webinar sessions. Simultaneous interpretation was provided in English and Spanish.

Session 1

(8 March 2023, 15:30 – 17:00)

Recording (Passcode: =Y9v=5WF)

Presentation (Pietro Gennari)

Presentation (Lorenzo de Simone)

EOSTAT project overall presentation

Organized jointly with the Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians


Pietro Gennari, FAO & Lorenzo De Simone, FAO

Session 2

(20 March 2023, 15:30 – 17:00)

Recording (Passcode: 4L1vtay%)

Presentation (Lorenzo de Simone)

Presentation (Prof. Bruno Basso)

Crop yield mapping and yield statistics


Lorenzo De Simone

Guest:  Prof. Bruno Basso, Michigan State University

Session 3

(4 April 2023, 15:30 – 17:00)

Recording (Passcode: f*v2Z^!n)

Presentation (Sophie Bontemps)

Crop type mapping and acreage


Lorenzo De Simone, FAO

Guest: Sophie Bontemps, Université of Louvain

Session 4

(13 April 2023, 15:30 – 17:00)

Recording (Passcode: A2Y7&&Uu)

Presentation (William Ouellette)

Standardized land cover classification for land cover statistics


Lorenzo De Simone, FAO

Guest: William Ouellette, CEO at SoilWatch

Session 5

(27 April 2023, 15:30 – 17:00)

(Passcode: 4@c#56=D)

Presentation (Sophie Bontemps)

EO augmented survey design, in-situ data standards, and best practices in georeferencing


Lorenzo De Simone, FAO

Guest: Sophie Bontemps, Université of Louvain

Session 6

(10 May 2023, 15:30 – 17:00)

(Passcode: kf7Nh?QK)

Presentation (Sherrie Wang)

Crop field boundaries mapping using machine learning and very high-resolution data


Lorenzo De Simone, FAO

Guests: Sherrie Wang, MIT

Lisa Rebelo, Digital Earth Africa

For more information, please visit the FAO-EOSTAT project page.

Division: Office of Chief Statistician (OCS)
Lorenzo De Simone [email protected]