FAO-EU FLEGT Programme


The FAO-EU FLEGT Programme fits under FAO's Strategic Objective Four, enabling more inclusive and efficient agricultural and food systems at local, national and international levels.  

The Programme’s specific objective is to tackle illegal logging, promote trade in legal timber products and ultimately contribute to sustainable forest management (SFM) and poverty reduction. To this end, the Programme is working to achieve the following outcomes: 

Outcome 1: Voluntary Partnership Agreements contribute to improved forest sector governance and timber legality on domestic and international markets.

Outcome 2: Initiatives that support legal production and consumption of timber and better forest sector governance in countries that are not engaged in the VPA process are strengthened.

Outcome 3: The capacity of the private sector to participate in the production, marketing and trade of legal timber has increased.

Outcome 4: Stakeholders in both consumer and producer countries demonstrate an improved knowledge of benefits from legal logging, international trade requirements and of best practices for forest law enforcement, governance and trade.

The Programme’s Phase III inception report is available here