Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

©FAO/Francisco Blaha

Dominican Republic

Mahi-mahi is a highly appreciated food fish common to most of the world’s warm and temperate seas. Also known as dolphinfish, it is one of the principal catches of artisanal fishers in the Dominican Republic.

The fishery provides the local fishermen with an income and is an important source of food that sells well on local markets and in the capital of Santo Domingo.

Improvements to the cold chain and post-harvest handling could increase economic returns, but they require investments in human capital and the processing facilities.

FISH4ACP aims to boost the mahi-mahi fishery by supporting efforts to improve product quality and product diversification. It will explore ways to strengthen links to the tourism sector and develop new products for urban consumers, as well as to increase exports.

FISH4ACP will also foster social integration by working with local fisher associations. Activities will seek to promote participation of artisanal fisherfolk in the value chain by improving access to loans, social security and education and through capacity building.