Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme


2017: The MICCA team has provided technical support to the workshop on capacity building and identification of potential National Appropriate Action (NAMA) organized by MITADER (Ministry in charge of land, environment and rural development), 11-14 July in Maputo/Matola. The workshop was specifically requested by MITADER to the FAO Mozambique representation in 2016.

The workshop was facilitated by VUNA, a DFDP (Department for Internal Development) funded program for East and Southern Africa, whose objective is to strengthen agricultural systems and to improve smallholder farmers' climate resilience.  Participants had the great opportunity to share experiences, lessons learned and best practices in the process of preparation and implementation of NAMAs. Moreover, several options of NAMA implementation were identified for livestock, annual crops (with or without open burning of residues), agroforestry, bio-energy, and rice production systems.