RuralInvest: Fostering Access to Finance for Small-scale Entrepreneurs

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RuralInvest是由粮农组织投资中心在上世纪90年代初次开发的,是一种寻找和筹备农村投资项目的简化方法。此后,通过与中美洲的多机构“区域技术援助处”合作,该方法进一步开发成为一种通用方法论和工具箱。当前的 RuralInvest工具箱在上述工作的基础上又整合了多年来在拉丁美洲、亚洲和非洲项目工作的许多实际经验。这得到了公共和私营部门投资者更大范围的应用。



  • 创收型项目,领域包括农业、畜牧业、渔业、水产养殖、林业、涉农工业、旅游、运输服务、手工业制造、零售店铺、批发服务、仓储服务等等。

  • 非创收型项目(或社会项目),目的是提高农村地区生活水平,包括卫生保健中心、学校、环境保护、道路、饮用水供给等等。

RuralInvest一般用于5 000至500 000万美元左右的中小型项目,依项目设计的复杂程度而定。

RIV20: the RuralInvest software to develop business plans


 In the past 3 years with RuralInvest




  • 包容所有利益相关者的参与式和互动式方法

  • 带领用户操作项目周期所有步骤的免费指南

  • 带有全面帮助功能的用户友好型软件

  • 自动化技术和财务计算

  • 对投资建议书进行质量评议的分析工具

RuralInvest软件有九个语言版本:阿拉伯文英文法文西班牙文葡萄牙文俄文土耳其文蒙 古文

For whom RuralInvest is designed?

Development partners:

RuralInvest will train field technicians to support rural entrepreneurs in developing their business plans, usually ranging from 2.000 to USD 500.000. Using RuralInvest in enterprise development and grant components provides project teams and field staff a systematic approach to develop high-quality business proposals that can be easily customized and integrated into project operations.

Benefits of applying RuralInvest in a development project:

  • The participatory approach and feedback loops ensure that the entrepreneurs drive the process and take ownership and responsibility for the projects.
  • The training is tailored for each context and develops national capacities, including national trainer pools that can support the RuralInvest users in the Project.
  • It is composed of a two-level analysis to pre-select the proposals before developing a detailed business plan.
  • It produces harmonized and visually appealing reports that make comparisons between business proposals much easier.
  • It is supported by free software that translates participatory data collection into professional-quality business plans while storing the data for monitoring and evaluation. It also provides synchronized off-line and online versions for easier usage and collaboration.
  • It is an excellent communication tool to link field technicians, entrepreneurs, and bank officials. The consistent entrepreneur involvement in the process can support data verification and accuracy in financial decision-making.
  • FAO RuralInvest core team is constantly developing new training materials, tutorials, organizing events and webinars for the community


If you are a field technician, extension agent, international development staff, member of a university or a training centre, a business plan development consultant, or financial specialist, you can benefit from RuralInvest. You can take our free e-learning courses and get certification badges. Not only will you learn how to master the methodology but also access a community of users from all over the world.

Benefits of learning RuralInvest as an individual:

  • You get an official badge certification of the FAO e-Learning Academy
  • You learn a methodology and get access to a tool that you can take to support entrepreneurs in building their business plans.
  • You can access a network of professionals from all over the world to exchange knowledge and receive technical support, new materials, and information on training.
  • Open new opportunities as a RuralInvest expert and even become a RuralInvest trainer in your country.

National Institutions:

Developing capacities at national institutions like universities, extension services, entrepreneurship hubs, or any financial institution is critical to assure long-term success in supporting small-scale entrepreneurs. These institutions strengthen the empowerment of RuralInvest at the country level by training professionals capable of using the toolkit to support entrepreneurs. Organizations that decide to partner with RuralInvest will have complete support from the RuralInvest team.

Benefits of partnering with RuralInvest as an institution:

  • Access to RuralInvest technical support from FAO
  • Part of a network of professionals and institutions to exchange knowledge and best practices
  • Access to the RuralInvest software: a user-friendly and free software that supports all types of small and medium-scale rural businesses and translates participatory data collection into professional-quality business plans. It also provides synchronized off-line and online versions for easier usage and collaboration.
  • Access to the RuralInvest methodology for trainings, free materials, and tips from trainers of a worldwide community.