Water efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the NENA regions (WEPS-NENA)

Rainwater harvesting webinar series - Module 1

Introduction to RWH

About Module 1:

There are two webinars available for an Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting. The first webinar “Setting the scene” and the second webinar “Showcasing Global and Regional RWH Applications for Agro-Ecosystems and Cropping Systems” will provide an overview of RWH systems, the objectives of RWH and its main applications, the classification and suitable conditions for RWH by show-casing various regional and international RWH applications for agro-ecosystems and cropping systems

Expected outcomes for the participants:

Participants will achieve the following outcomes:

1. Understand the core concepts of rainwater harvesting.

2. Get an overview of practical applications of rainwater harvesting.

3. Bring attention to the potential of RWH for improved food and water security, enhanced resilience to climate change and other ecosystem services.

Sessions in Module 1 and registration links:


Date and Time



Session 1: Setting the scene

31 May 2022

1 PM – 2:30 PM GMT+2

Rima Mekdaschi-Studer, WOCAT & Theib Oweis, ex-ICARDA

For registration, please click here.

Session 2: Showcasing Global and Regional RHW Applications for Agro-Ecosystems and Cropping Systems

7 June 2022

1 PM – 2:30 PM GMT+2

Kunlun Ding, ICID – China & Abdelmadjid Boulassel, INRAA – Algeria


For registration, please click here.

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