Water efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the NENA regions (WEPS-NENA)

Rainwater harvesting webinar series - Module 7

Addressing climate change impacts through RWH

About Module 7:

This module describes how the development of RWH systems help to address the challenge of climate change. This module will draw on a review of ACSAD experiences in implementing rainwater harvesting projects in the MENA region from a climate change perspective. Discussions will continue with a reflection on the effects of RWH on biodiversity enhancement and ecosystem services. The role of RWH on water buffering at the catchment level and how it can transform landscapes and livelihoods will be further explored.

Sessions in Module 7 and registration links:


Date and Time



Water buffering for adaptation and biodiversity enhancement

5 October 2022 at 1 PM GMT+2


For registration, please click here. 

RWH for climate change adaptation and ecosystem preservation

11 October 2022 at 1 PM GMT+2


For registration, please click here. 

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