FAO in Indonesia

Media Quotes

“The veterinary officers were trained under the capacity building programme by FAO ECTAD, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and with funding from USAID. Now, two groups of poultry farmers – where each farmer has around 500-8,000 poultry - are accompanied by two PVUK officers in Kulon Progo in the implementation of biosecurity. According to Sugirah, at least 6 chickens died every day in her farm. After one year of implementing the biosecurity programme, almost none of her flocks fell sick. ‘Productivity has been recorded at 90 percent from all my flock; before implementing biosecurity, it was less than 80 percent,’ she said.” 

– KOMPAS, 18 September 2015

“Vet. Muhammad Azhar, Coordinator of the Rapid Response Unit - Strategic Infectious Animal Diseases (URC – PHMS) of the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services said that in 2014, 11 provinces were considered free from cases of HPAI, while up until August 2015, 15 provinces had recorded zero HPAI cases. ‘This achievement’, Azhar said, “is also contributed by FAO through its support to the Government’s program.’”

 – Tempo.co, 22 September 2015

“Head of Poultry Farmers Group TIgan Jaya, Warsidi, admitted that the production rate of commercial broilers had increased following the implementation of the capacity building programme. 1,000 poultry can produce around 50 kilograms of eggs every day. Prior to this, they could only produce around 40 kilograms.’” 

–Detik.com, 16 September 2015