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Crop Water Information

This section presents information about individual crops, their crop water requirement, yield response to water; and bibliographic database on crop water productivity.


Click on a crop name to obtain information related to water management of the crop.

Beverage and stimulant crops   


Cereal crops

Maize | Sorghum | Wheat



Fodder crops


Fruit crops

Banana | Citrus | Grape | Pineapple

Oil and protein crops

Groundnut | Olive | Safflower | Soybean | Sunflower | Bean | Pea

Root crops


Sugar crops

Sugar Beet | Sugar Cane

Vegetable crops

Cabbage | Onion | Pepper | Tomato | Watermelon

Research Database

Links to the following databases allow to search crop based information in various databases:

Ecocrop allows searching the plants best suited for your soil and climate. It also permits the identification of plant species for defined uses.

WCA InfoNET is an Internet-based integrated information platform which merges high quality information resources and expertise allowing direct access to publications, documents, data, computer programs and discussion groups which provide a knowledge base, support and the necessary global platform for decisions on water conservation and use in agriculture.

FAOSTAT on-line multilingual database currently containing over 1 million time-series records covering international statistics