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Groundwater governance - A Global Framework for Action

FAO, UNESCO, IAH and GEF joined forces to address groundwater governance issues.

The project addressed concerns over the depletion and degradation of groundwater around the world. These impacts are attributed to a general failure to use groundwater responsibly. The project aimed to reverse these trends.

Project focus

The project raised awareness of the paramount importance of sustainable groundwater resources management in averting the impending water crisis; and influenced political decision making for better stewardship of groundwater resources worldwide.

Expected outcome

The project defined a Shared Vision and a Global Framework for Action on Groundwater Governance. These were derived from:

  • An examination of the state of governance in relation to groundwater supply and demand.
  • The development of regional groundwater governance diagnostics integrating local and national experiences together with perspectives for management at local, national and transboundary levels.