Служба разработки законодательства


Between 2010 and 2012, seven countries were supported in developing regulations to fight bovine encephalopathy. This involved analysing national and regional level legislation and standards on animal health, animal production, feed and food safety. Regulations were drafted following a participatory...
In this issue: Making practical sense of the I, the U and the U of “IUU fishing” in the context of emerging global challenges. Linking wildlife conservation with food security: A Human Rights Based Approach to Sustainable Wildlife Management. Researching development law: a...
The Responsible governance for tenure and the law is now available as e-book from the following platforms: Amazon - English - French - Spanish iTunes - English - French - Spanish Smashwords - English - French - Spanish  
In this issue: Complexity in international cooperation; the Codex example. The FAO Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters. Legislating for sustainable food systems and optimal nutrition. “Threatened” or “Endangered”: Quandary of Legal Terminology. The legislative gap in climate change and agriculture: FAO is taking steps...
In this issue: Food safety in schools: Is this sufficiently regulated? Les signes de qualité liée à l’origine géographique: un atout croissant pour les agriculteurs des pays du Sud. AMR and the environment. The importance of legal and regulatory frameworks in ensuring sustainable forest...