Management of Marine Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
18 February 2015, Rome--- Oceans are home to ecosystems and biodiversity that are of great importance to ecology, culture and the livelihoods of millions of people. But with some 64 percent of the oceans’ surface consisting of areas that lie beyond the national jurisdiction (ABNJ), effective management of fisheries and conservation of biodiversity in these areas pose a serious challenge. ABNJ have risen to the top of the global ocean agenda and are being discussed at the highest governmental levels. But a concerted international effort is still needed to translate agreed principles into strong global and regional policies that guarantee the protection of these valuable areas.

Jeremy Turner, FAO expert and Manager of the Common Oceans Program, gives an overview of the global situation.
5min. 57sec.
Topic(s): Fisheries & aquaculture
Produced by: Sandra Ferrari
Reference: 11040