Malawi project

Improving Food Security and Nutrition Policies and Programme Outreach (IFSN)

FAO supported the project “ Food Security and Nutrition Policy and Programme Outreach programme in Kasunga and Mzimba Districts, Malawi” from 2011-2015. The objective of the IFSN project was to contribute through policy and programme advisory services to the achievement of the Government’s Development Goals by improving the food and nutrition security of the Malawian population. The IFSN project provided support to smallholder farmers with agricultural inputs and training through farmer field schools. The nutrition education intervention “Kupititsa Patsologo Kadyetsedwe Koyenela Ka Ana” (Let us Improve Child Feeding) was aimed at improving the quality of complementary foods and feeding practices using locally available and affordable foods. Training sessions on improved infant and young child feeding practices were carried out together with participatory cooking sessions where the preparation of local and seasonally available foods was encouraged, including diversified staple foods, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, animal source foods.

Improving Food Security and Nutrition in Malawi

Press release by FAO Regional Office, Africa