One Health

Building the investment case for action against antimicrobial resistance

Virtual Event, 29/02/2024

13:00 CET | Online

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses severe threats to the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment and undermines food security. It has the potential to become an international trade and economic issue linked to health security, food safety and sustainable development. 

Estimates of economic losses caused by increasing AMR range from 1.1 - 3.8 percent of annual gross domestic product (GDP) by 2050. However, there is currently inadequate financial support for the sustainable implementation of national action plans on AMR. The Quadripartite collaboration (FAO, UNEP, WHO and WOAH) is working on estimating the cost of the response to AMR and the potential return on investment (ROI). It is hoped that this joint work will support governments and other stakeholders in their decisions to make long-term investments for the implementation of AMR national action plans.    

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn about a business-as-usual scenario to estimate the current and projected cost of AMR (using SPHeP analysis).
  • Better understand key AMR interventions and their costs, benefits, and effectiveness.
  • Update on the progress made on the global AMR investment case to estimate the Return on Investment of the AMR response. 


This webinar is organized by the Community of Practice (CoP) on the Return on Investment (RoI) for One Health