Соглашение о мерах государства порта (СМГП)

Report of the Open-Ended Technical Working Group on Information Exchange, London, United Kingdom, 16-18 April 2018

01/07/2018 FAO

The transmittal, electronic exchange and publication of information are key components of the PSMA and are essential if it is to meet its objective.

There are several references to information exchange in the PSMA, with some that are general in nature while others are more specific in relation to the type of information to be exchanged and the recipients.

The PSMA Open-ended Technical Working Group on Information Exchange meeting, called for by the Parties to the Agreement on Port State Measures (PSMA), was held in London, United Kingdom, from 16 to 18 April 2018.

The Working Group was established to consider the information exchange requirements to support the implementation of the PSMA including the most appropriate structure for an information exchange system and how such a system would interact with complementary tools.

The Working Group agreed, inter alia, that a global information exchange system was needed to support the implementation of the PSMA.

It was agreed that a two-staged approach for developing this system should be taken prioritizing the need to access basic information such as national points of contact and designated ports.

Read the report here.