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Country: Zimbabwe

While checking on the poultry, one bird decided to fly and land on my head. 

Country: Kyrgyzstan

FAO has just completed a family poultry small project that was accomplished despite the pandemic limitations. 

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

11 December 2020, Mambasa, Democratic Republic of Congo - Asha Mwamini is an entrepreneur who breeds and sells chickens in Mambasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. She started this business with...

Country: Nigeria

Our job is to ensure that meat and poultry products are safe, wholesome, accurately labeled for the benefit of the Nigerian consumers, and to make sure that they are in...

Country: Italy

25 November 2021, Rome, Italy. A worker pours feed into the feeder.

Country: Nigeria

'Mother Hen' with chicks resting after feed on a quite day at the backyard.

Country: Kenya

Lina Wakio is a young mother and widow, living in Taita Taveta County, Kenya. As a part of the Mwangere Farmer Field School, she has learned different poultry rearing methods...

Country: Kenya

05 November 2021, Kamuthe Village, Garissa, Kenya - Ebla Isaack, 65, carries one of her chickens at her home. The combined effects of crop and pasture losses caused by desert...

Country: Italy

31 December 2021, Savigliano (Piedmont), Italy - White leghorn (livornese) hens are raised outdoors at the Cascina Mana organic laying farm, where a closed-loop system is used, whereby the countryside...

Country: Kenya

We don't need much when your indigenous poultry start laying or brooding. All you need is recycled materials such as milk boxes, basins, grass, rags and cotton. This is cheap...

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