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Country: Myanmar

In Pyi Tawyar village (Hakha township, Chin State) FAO distributed chickens, as part of its support to 2,934 vulnerable households in Chin State. In total FAO provided emergency livelihoods support...

Country: Italy

Joyful child holding young birds.

Country: Tunisia

Family poultry in Tunisia.

Country: Philippines

A farmer in Barangay Lupo, Altavas, Aklan Province, inspects his chickens. Livestock and poultry-raising are among of the sources of livelihood of people in the community. Agricultural livelihoods in the...

Country: Afghanistan

Afghan poultry enjoying fresh air (Bamyan province, 2016).

Country: Iraq

24 November 2016, Barletta, eastern Mosul, Iraq - A woman chasing geese.

Country: Rwanda

Rusororo village, Ruhango District, Southern Province, Rwanda - Members of the Indashyikirwa group are seen cleaning their poultry farm.

Country: Rwanda

07 February 2016, Rango village, Mareba sector, Eastern Province, Rwanda - A flock of chicken at the Igitego group poultry farm. The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund for Food Security was...

Country: Philippines

December 22, 2016 - Chicken at Catmon, Altavas, Akalan, Philippines.

Country: Hungary

23 November 2016, Godollo, Hungary - Hungarian geese standing in the garden of the Research Centre...