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Country: Tanzania

My name is Alfred Maira a Tanzanian who conducts poultry activities at Dar es salaam. I am really enthusiastic and love poultry farming.

I mostly keep layers for egg production and...

Country: Kenya

KWETU POULTRY is a small-scale poultry keeping farm in Kilifi County, Kenya, which started  on January 2023 with a batch of 50 birds targeting the local food vendors and  households...

Country: Rwanda

On 8 March 2023, During the celebration of International Women's Day, CEFAPEK (Centre de Formation Agricole et de Petit Elevage de Kamonyi) gave chickens to the girls...

Country: Tunisia

Beja, Tunisia - Saima Ben Youssef, young agri-entrepreneur in Amdoun, Beja. She is a farmer. Her portrait with her chiken in her poultry farm. 

Country: Tunisia

Beja , Tunisia - Saima Ben Youssef, young agri-entrepreneur in Amdoun, Beja. She is a farmer. She is collecting eggs in her poultry farm.

Country: Uganda

Chicks sucking water from a chicken cage water system at the 2022 National Agricultural show Uganda.

Country: Nigeria

A poultry farmer wiith one of her birds on her back.

Country: Uzbekistan

Tashkent - Chicken eggs on offer at the "Chorsu Bazaar" - the central market of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

Country: Rwanda

Florence is a young women memeber of the Rwanda Youth Agriculture Forum and enagaged in the promotion of poultry and piggery in her country.

She is also a student of the...

Country: Bangladesh

Hundreds of ducks swimming around to look for food in the flood water. During monsoon every year, duck farming is a popular means of livelihood for the farmers of Bangladesh.


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