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Country: Equatorial Guinea

Programa enmarcado dentro del proyecto de desarrollo de la avicultura familiar en Guinea Ecuatorial UTF/EQG/007/EQG entre el Gobierno de la República de Guinea Ecuatorial (Ministerio de Agricultura y Bosque) y...

Country: Vietnam

Long distance free-grazing ducks, An Giang Province, Viet Nam. 


Country: Vietnam

The Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD) of FAO Viet Nam and the Department of Livestock Production (DLP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development (MARD) developed basic...

Country: Vietnam

Basic biosecurity standards for small and medium scale parent flock farms and hatcheries in Viet Nam.

Country: Guatemala

La crianza de aves es una de las actividades económicas y sociales más importantes, pues brinda la alimentación básica para las personas.

Country: Syria

A woman in Rural Damascus inspects one of 20 laying hens received as part of a project designed to enable households affected by the crisis to access fresh and nutritious...

Country: Vietnam

During a study on long distance free grazing ducks. An Giang Province, Viet Nam

Country: Nicaragua

FAO Nicaragua is closing this year the programme “Indigenous Seeds bank from the Alto Wangki Bocay,” which has been developed in a remote and isolated area of the country, where...

Country: Guatemala

Child of a rural family supported by FAO through the promotion of small livestock keeping. San Luis Jilotepeque, Jalapa, Guatemala 

Country: Zimbabwe

4 August 2014, Dangarendove, Chirumhanzi District, Zimbabwe - A benefiaciary of the voucher system, Mrs Pedzisai Bandambira of Kasimure in Hurungwe feeds her chickens. As a result of the voucher...

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