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News - 13.01.2022

FAO releases new data and analysis on the region’s hunger and malnutrition situation in a shorter, more compact format

News - 17.12.2021

FAO and Resource Partners today held talks on the next phase of the FMM, an increasingly effective facility that allows the United Nations agency to quickly direct funding where and when it’s most needed.

News - 16.12.2021

New report calls for radical changes to the Arab region’s agrifood systems to deliver food security and nutrition for all

News - 15.12.2021

According to the 2021 Asia and the Pacific Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition by FAO and UNICEF

News - 14.12.2021

Leaders of three regional agencies call for more action on agrifood systems transformation in the face of worsening hunger and malnutrition

News - 10.12.2021

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News - 10.12.2021

New publication shows how sound investments in agriculture ensuring the realization of human rights are a powerful way to end poverty and hunger

Experts' corner - 10.12.2021

Inequality is above all due to power asymmetries, the dynamics of discrimination, segregation and under valuing

Events - 09.12.2021

The event will present a holistic approach aimed at ensuring that school food for children and adolescents is nutritious, desirable, context-appropriate and sustainably produced

News - 09.12.2021

Countries and UN partners join forces to ensure every child can access nutritious, safe and adequate food.

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