Группа по работе с сельскими учреждениями и службами и расширению прав и возможностей жителей сельских районов

На данной странице можно найти средства работы, инструкции и техническую информацию по сельским организациям и смежным темам в ФАО и не только. Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, напишите на следующий адрес: [email protected]


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The farm business school (FBS) is a curriculum-based participatory approachdeveloped by FAO to strengthen the capacity of service providers and farmersto transition towards market-orientation and “farming as a business”. The “gender companion guide” was designed to complement the FBS universaltraining [...]
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FAO supported the CONSAN-CPLP by carrying out two bottom-up pilot initiatives in selected territories of Cabo Verde and Sao Tome and Principe. As a result, this document was prepared [as a collaboration between the Food and Nutrition Division (ESN) and [...]
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The world is not on track in making the pledge of leaving no one behind a reality, particularly in rural areas where most of the extreme poor live. Rural people in low-income countries increasingly face structural constraints in seizing socio-economic [...]
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The provision of financial services to rural smallholder households, including savings, credit, insurance and payments, remains among the most difficult challenges in finance and development.   Despite progress in the extension of these services to rural areas, rural finance ecosystems in low- [...]
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This study presents a number of practical lessons learned and considerations that can be used by relevant public stakeholders (such as local policymakers and development agencies) to introduce aspects of agricultural insurance in programmes and initiatives that seek to strengthen [...]
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