Сохранить продовольствие – глобальная инициатива по сокращению продовольственных потерь и пищевых отходов

SAVE FOOD at the Global Green Growth (3GF) Africa Regional Conference “Enabling Green Growth in Africa” in Nairobi, 13-14 May

05 May 2015

The Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Government of Kenya will co-host an African Regional 3GF Conference in Nairobi on May 13 and 14, 2015. 3GF will contribute to building consensus on how to transform the challenges of sustainable development and climate change into opportunities for green growth and improved livelihoods for all. The conference aims to bridge global and regional challenges, encourage inter-sectoral dialogue and explore opportunities in the context of low carbon development and green transition. This ‘International-African nexus’ approach will showcase new perspectives and insight into current challenges and opportunities while exploring collaborative partnerships for innovative green growth solutions and sustainable growth in the African region. The conference will target regional and international partnerships that have the potential to accelerate the implementation of green growth plans and priorities. African-specific issues such as green industrial development, access to energy/energy efficiency and food- energy- water connections are high on the agenda.

FAO will discuss the potential of the Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (SAVE FOOD) and its partnerships to contribute to making food systems more sustainable while transitioning to  low carbon development. Barriers to green growth development and SAVE FOOD partnership opportunities will be discussed during an interactive session called "the Market Place". FAO welcomes participants to join in the talks and to connect with regional and global players.

A partnership session during the event has also been dedicated to the Food Loss Waste Protocol, a multi-stakeholder process to develop a global standard for how to quantify food loss and waste. The standard will enable the measurement of food loss and waste in a consistent, credible and transparent manner. This will also provide countries and companies with the basis to develop effective strategies to address food loss and waste.

For more information on the agenda and the 3GF, please go to: http://3gf.dk/en/