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This portal is designed as a source of soil information and knowledge on the different components and aspects of soils and the value and importance of this vital and finite resource for policy makers, development planners, soil scientists, agricultural extension officers, students and other practitioners.

Healthy soils lay at the foundations of agricultural development, healthy and nutritious food production, and essential ecosystem services, which are crucial to our basic survival as well as our planet’s sustainable future. [...


Halt soil salinity, boost soil productivity


Global Soil Partnership


Global Symposium on Salt-affected Soils


Launch on 4 June 2021
Global Assessment of Soil Pollution

Do not miss any of the International Events on soils happening around the globe!

The ITPS is composed of 27 experts representing all the regions of the world and advocates for addressing sustainable soil management in the different sustainable development agendas. Meet our 27 top soil experts.

FAO has made an effort to make Soil Legacy data and information available for their users. 1228 soil and land legacy maps are available.

Since the early 1950's, FAO has been committed to provide technical assistance to member countries in various soil applications. Hundreds of soil survey field projects have been carried out over the years and a considerable number of soil survey reports have been prepared and published as grey literature.