Mécanisation agricole durable

Agricultural engineering in development: warehouse technique

The present document deals with the techniques of food grain storage in warehouses with capacities between some hundreds and several thousand tonnes. The work begins with a review of the main characteristics of grain and the different factors likely to induce grain deterioration during the storage period. A brief description of deterioration processes is given. The following chapter deals with sampling problems and of grain quality, considerations which in practice are frequently disregarded whereas they are essential and should be considered prior to any action. Chapter four constitutes a more technical part concerned with storage structures and especially the design and construction of new warehouses and the transformation of existing ones into appropriate storage structures and with the equipment and management of storage centres. Finally, chapter five deals with the control of the main pests found in stored produce i.e. insects and rodents, and gives a description of the Main control methods presently applied.

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FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin
Agricultural engineering, development, warehouse technique