Mécanisation agricole durable

Hire services as a business: the potential for developing business enterprises with tractors, machinery and draught animals

The article looks at the potential hire services have as a viable business option in the agri-food sector. It provides insights into the numerous market opportunities that a hire service can tap into, not only for on-farm services, but also and importantly for services along the agri-food value chain. The article considers the peculiarities of such a business: for example considerations should be provided for topography and climate; initial high investment requirements; and revenues and profits that are generated in the long term. Consequently such business ventures require detailed and carefully planned feasibility studies to be conducted prior to any such business being set-up. Challenges ahead are also considered, including the need for awareness creation and sensitisation on the potential that such businesses can have, and the preparation and provision of training (and training materials) for would-be hire service entrepreneurs.

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Hire services, business, potential, business enterprises, tractors, machinery, draught animals