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Strengthening women’s tenure rights and participation in community forestry

Author(s) Mukasa, C., Tibazalika, A., Mwangi, E., Banana, Y.W., Bomuhangi, A. and Bushoborozi, J.
Year of publication 2016
This infobrief summarizes the findings of a five-year process (2011-16) that explored how to strengthen women’s rights to forests and trees and increase their participation in forest decision making and benefits capture. It presents insights from the implementation of Adaptive Collaborative Management (ACM), an approach tested in different cultural settings. ACM has been found to improve participation of marginalized groups in community forestry processes, including decision making and benefits sharing. In particular, we highlight the governance arrangements, practices and processes that are central to enhancing gender inclusion in community forestry within three districts in Uganda.
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All forest types (natural and planted)
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