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Introduction to Pinus radiata plantation study case

Author(s) Krzic M., Du Toit, B., Walji, K., Dyanatakar, S., Sider, M., Crowley, C.
Year of publication 2020
Introduction to case study focused on Pinus radiata plantation in the Southern Cape forest region of South Africa. The case study evaluates the effects of mechanical and chemical site treatments on soil properties and growth of a Pinus radiata stand. Plantation forests in South Africa are needed to meet the demand for industrial timber, pulp and paper products in the country. Exotic tree species (Pinus, Eucalyptus, and Acacia) dominate plantation forestry in the country, and are grown for saw timber production.
Type of Case
Video or audio
Virtual Soil Science Learning Resources
Temperate, Tropical
Forest Type
Planted forest
Primary Designated Function
Protection of soil and water