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Rapid assessment of natural resource degradation in refugee impacted areas in Northern Uganda

Author(s) Gianvenuti, A., D’Aietti, L., Tavani, R., Xia, Z., Jonckheere, I., Kintu, E., Begumana,J. & Lindquist, E.
Year of publication 2020
This report summarizes the main findings and recommendations of the assessment, updated to reflect the most recent (April 2019) refugee population figures. These are expected to guide WB support to the Government of Uganda (GoU)—including the Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (DRDIP) and an IDA disbursement window for refugee-affected countries—as well as provide information of wider strategic value to other agencies concerned with the impacts of refugees on natural resources in Uganda. A similar analysis is being undertaken for the refugee settlements in west and south-west Uganda and will result in a second assessment report that will add to the evidence base for the WB/GoU interventions.
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Degraded forest
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