Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox

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An integrated national forest monitoring system for sustainable forest management and conservation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. To support and improve decision-making on climate change mitigation and adaptation, access to robust data and information is key. The role of the forest sector and the availability of comprehensive forest-related data are supporting long-term planning, implementation and monitoring of forest-related activities that serve multiple purposes. Previously, forest data and information were scattered across different forest administrative offices managed by the Forest Department (FD) under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC). There was inadequate documentation and archiving, data were incomplete and there were inconsistencies in data produced by different entities. To address these issues, the Bangladesh Forest Information System (BFIS) was launched in December 2018 by the FD. BFIS is the first forest information system in the country to assess, monitor, document, plan and implement forest management and conservation activities at national scale. It is an integrated and comprehensive system where all forest-related information is organized into categories to enable searches and visualization of information.
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