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The impact of certification on the sustainable use of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) in Bolivia - Final draft

Author(s) Paz Soldán, M. & Walter, S.
Year of publication 2003
This book is an ongoing study on the impact of certification on the sustainable use of Brazil nut in Bolivia. Aim of the book is to give an overview of the Brazil nut utilisation in Bolivia, including certification and a comparative analysis of organic certified and non-certified (conventional) production and international trade of Brazil nut. The book draws some conclusions which intend to address towards a sustainable management of the NWFPs. In fact, even though the certified Brazil nut trade is still marginal compared to non-certified products, during the last few years, total brazil nut export volumes have been increasing together with the volumes of organic exports. The correlation between the non-certified and certified is high, showing that they are highly integrated. The major challenges of organic certification include i) lack of market demand; ii) decrease of export prices, iii) increased numbers of regulations and conditions of international importers. The success of the Bolivian Standards for Brazil Nut Forest Management Certification by CFV will depend on clarifying the legal issues related to land tenure. The fair trade market will continue growing with El Campesino as the main supplier of brazil nuts produced according to fair trade standards.
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