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Forest certification and communities: looking forward to the next decade

Author(s) Molnar, A.
Year of publication 2003
This review looks at the experience with communities and certification as the first in a series of systematic reviews of certification. The analysis titled “A Decade of Certification: Reflecting on the Way Forward” includes an assessment of community experiences with certification to date, an evaluation of the range of direct and indirect impacts on communities in different geographic regions, and an examination of the strategic issues that certification will likely face in the future, suggesting refinements to increase the effectiveness of this instrument for communities. The evaluation is divided into three set of issues: (a) the impacts and issues for those communities whose forests or enterprises are being or have the potential of being certified; (b) the impacts and issues for those communities who live in or depend upon forests that are being certified to a third party; and (c) the impact and relevance of the certification instrument for the broader set of forest communities and forest dwellers not yet involved in the process.
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