Gestion Durable des Forêts (GDF) Boîte à outils

Forest Governance

This module covers the basic elements and components of forest governance and explores the ways in which governance affects the implementation of sustainable forest management (SFM). The module addresses why it is important for forest managers to know about forest governance and provides guidance on what they can do to enable good forest governance.

This module was developed with the kind collaboration of the following people and/or institutions:

Initiator(s): Thorsten Treue; Giulia Muir - FAO, Forestry Department

Contributor(s): Ewald Rametsteiner, Cesar Sabogal - FAO, Forestry Department

Reviewer(s):  Pablo Pacheco - CIFOR; Prof. Bas Arts - Wageningen University, Chair of the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group; Andrea Johnson - CATIE 

This module was revised in 2018 to strengthen gender considerations.

Initiator(s): Gender Team in Forestry

Reviewer(s): Giulia Muir - FAO, Forestry Department