Gestion Durable des Forêts (GDF) Boîte à outils

Urban and Peri-Urban Forestry

The aim of this module is to assist forest managers, forest policymakers and decision-makers, urban planners, urban foresters, arborists, private landowners and other stakeholders in assessing, planning and sustainably managing trees and forests in and around cities. The module presents common issues and challenges associated with urban and peri-urban forestry and provides strategies and tools for addressing these challenges, as well as for sustainably managing urban and peri-urban forest and tree resources. It includes case studies from a range of cities, countries and regions. 

This module was developed with the kind collaboration of the following people and/or institutions:

Initiator(s): Yujuan Chen - FAO, Forestry Department

Contributor(s): Michela Conigliaro, Simone  Borelli, Susan Braatz- FAO, Forestry Department

Reviewer(s): Nerys Jones - Strategic Greenspace; Prof. Cheng Wang, Director  of Urban Forestry Research Center - Chinese Academy of Forestry