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Forest nursery manual: production of bareroot seedlings

Author Duryea, M.L., and Landis, T.D. (eds.).
Year of publication 1984
The Forest Nursery Manual—a joint effort between the Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, and the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Division of State and Private Forestry—presents state -of-the-art information about current bareroot-nursery practices and research in the Northwest (northwestern United States and province of British Columbia, Canada). The Manual emphasizes all stages of seedling production, from nursery-site selection through outplanting. To gather information, 21 North - west bareroot nurseries and eight seed-processing plants were surveyed with two in-depth questionnaires. Survey results were interpreted and incorporated into chapters written by leading scientists and nursery managers. Over 250 people previewed the Manual at the Bareroot Nursery Technology Workshop, held at Oregon State University in October 1982. The growing size and sophistication of the Northwest bareroot-nursery industry underscore the pressing need for this up-to-date manual.
Type of Tool
Guidelines, manual, kits for trainers
Scale of Application
Forest Management Unit
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Planted forest
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Management Responsibility