Городские мероприятия в области продовольствия

Perspectives of urban and periurban agriculture in Córdoba

Автор: Beatriz Liliana GIOBELLINA, Mario Gustavo QUINTEROS, Mario Gustavo QUINTEROS
Издатель: National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)


INTA is in constant evolution and is constantly adapting to new demands. It develops intervention strategies in the territories established in the Regional Technological Plan. Among the new approaches, we find the actions developed by the Institution in urban and suburban areas, particularly in the City of Córdoba with its metropolitan region. Among these changes is the creation of AER Córdoba (Rural Extension Agency) which was promoted from 2013 in compliance with a historical need: that the second city and metropolitan region of the country, with almost 1,800,000 inhabitants, had its INTA agency. Another important change in the last few years of INTA is the implementation of Regional Projects with a territorial approach, which aims to articulate the different views on the territory in a coordinated, debated management that optimizes the use of resources and integrates the growing complexity of the territories. In this case, the Regional Project of the Central Agricultural and Livestock Territory of the Province of Córdoba is the one in which the EAR Córdoba is registered. In this publication, which today is the prologue, it is also evident the path that is being taken to create new tools to know and act in the environment, such as the Observatories, and which INTA is promoting and supporting through different national programs.

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Тема: Food production and ecosystem management
Tег: Climate adaptation, Resilient cities, Urban and peri-urban agriculture
Организация: National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)
Автор: Beatriz Liliana GIOBELLINA, Mario Gustavo QUINTEROS, Mario Gustavo QUINTEROS
Год: 2015
Tип: Reports & Case Studies
City (Страна): Argentina
Регион: Latin America and the Caribbean
формат ресурса: Document
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