Городские мероприятия в области продовольствия


Автор: Anna Faucher and Louison Lançon
Издатель: Let's Food


Crossing the Sustainable Development Goals with the actions of a Territorial Food Project (TFP) makes it possible to question the strategic and operational ambitions of a territory, with regard to social, environmental and economic issues, as well as its food security and governance. This is the ambitious of this guide developed by Let's Food.

The SDGs are a universal reading grid that should also allow the various local authorities at national and international level to exchange and share common objectives and solutions. In order to participate in the achievement of the SDGs, each local authority must build the food and agricultural resilience of its territory: this guide also questions the integration of the territorial approach to food within the international cooperation projects carried out by French actors abroad.

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Тема: Governance and planning
Tег: Monitor and evaluation
Организация: Let's Food
Автор: Anna Faucher and Louison Lançon
Год: 2021
Tип: Guidelines
Регион: Global coverage
формат ресурса: Document
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