Городские мероприятия в области продовольствия

The role of cities on Impact Investing for food system

Автор: Coll.
Издатель: Food Trails

The World Economic Forum together with the Food Action Alliance convened the international community for an action-oriented discussion centred on leading flagship initiatives that hold the potential to realize regional and country-led actions for food systems. From global food systems thinking to local impact, the meeting focused on the global demand for healthy and nutritious food in ways that are equitable, efficient and environmentally sustainable together with solutions that are customized to local needs and realities. During the breakout discussion, Food Trails organized a discussion involving partners and cities sharing the efforts, approaches and solutions on the impact investing opportunities in the framework of the Food Trails Investors Living Lab. In these videos, you can see a first round of speakers that present the work of Food Trails partners on impact investing opportunities to be connected to urban food systems in committed municipalities and local authorities; then a cities’ roundtable to explore the field of the food system more attractive for impact financing solutions in Birmingham, Copenhagen, Groningen and Milan.

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Тема: Sustainable diets and nutrition, Food production and ecosystem management, Food loss and waste
Tег: Food security and nutrition, Food system analysis, Local economy and employment, Recycling & recovering, Schools, Urban and peri-urban agriculture
Организация: Food Trails
Автор: Coll.
Год: 2022
Tип: Reports & Case Studies
City (Страна): Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Регион: Europe
формат ресурса: Video
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