Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission (WECAFC)

Data Collection Reference Framework (DCRF)

The WECAFC Data Collection Reference Framework is a key instrument for WECAFC. It is both a (i) Capacity building tool, which can be used by Members as a reference standard to set-up national data collection and information systems for all aquatic marine species and (ii) an instrument to support the scientific mandate and priorities of WECAFC, CRFM, and OSPESCA, by implementing: a modular task-oriented structure articulated on three main groups of reference list of species, and an incremental approach to implementation of the DCRF for some Members’. This document, initiated by the first meeting of the WECACF Fisheries Data and Statistics Working Group (FDS WG) held in May 2018, has been first endorsed as an interim version in July 2019 by the 17th Meeting of the Commission. Further enhanced and adopted by the second meeting of the FDS-WG in March 2022, the document herewith disseminated has finally been endorsed as a living document by the 18th session of the Commission in July 2022.

The DCRF supports data needs required by any RFMO for developing, monitoring, assessing and reviewing regional fisheries policies (e.g., FMPs). It establishes a foundation in the WECAFC region for collection, collation, and reporting submission of comprehensive fisheries data and statistics, supporting harmonization across national and regional data levels. WECAFC Members have been encouraged by WECAFC 17 (interim version) and 18 to report to the Commission according to the endorsed DCRF Tasks.

Data Collection Reference Framework V1.0 (for ES see 0.8 version)